Its Time To ‘Disintermediate’ Newspapers

Sept 2011 - New NW BW crop for social mediaBy Nigel Walley

I love newspapers and am probably an ‘over-consumer’ of both free and paid content.  I believe and value good journalism, and I pay online subscriptions for 3 daily newspapers and 3 monthly ones. I read them all on my iPad and desktop PC, jumping between the two depending on circumstances.  However, my purchasing behaviour is erratic and during the recent US presidential election I realised that I could easily be persuaded to pay for more if it wasn’t for some basic retail hurdles.

As I was following coverage of the election I found I was regularly following links to articles from US journals on Twitter. I often used up my weekly allowance of free articles on US sites like the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times and the New Yorker and came to quite like the idea of subscribing to them.  On each of them I frequently hit the page where they wanted me to sign-up and the sums involved were small, but I didn’t.  The overwhelming reason was I just couldn’t be bothered with yet another online relationship to manage. more “Its Time To ‘Disintermediate’ Newspapers”